Do You Have a Bass with One Big Humbucker but You’d Rather Two Single Coils? Check Out the Nordstrand BigMan

I love creative solutions to problems. Well, it’s not that having a bass with a big humbucking pickup, like a Music Man Stingray, is a problem per se, but some folks just prefer single coils. So what are you to do in lieu of buying another bass?


Nordstrand Pickups devised a genius solution. Just house two single-coil pickups in one large frame. And if you have a Stingray or something in that style with dual humbuckers, well you now have a s/s/h pickup configuration in your bass, which is a badass rumble in your low end if I’ve ever heard one. This ingenious double-single pup from Nordstrand is called the BigMan. High five, guys. Or, well I guess it’s a low five. Or a low four.

Speaking of which, the 4 and 5-string models sell for $190.30 and $237.60, respectively…. wait, what? What the hell is with those prices? $237.60 is such a bizarre configuration of numbers. Maybe it was originally something normal, like $215 or $214.99 and Nordstrand included tax or shipping to make your life easier?

Note: Total does not include tax, shipping, and handling rates. These will be calculated during check out.

Huh. Okay then. I thought maybe they had some devious formula that would cause the cost to even out at a more respectable total after those fees, but nope. The final sum including shipping to my humble New Jersey abode came to $244.55. Weird.

Source: No Treble

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