JOHN BROWNE of MONUMENTS Shows You How to Nail a Bass Tone


Just a little while ago, we showed off Rick Beato records heavy music with all outboard gear. This time, we’re going into the 21st century, and putting everything in one box. Or rather, John Browne from Monuments is, in this video from URM Academy, the folks behind Nail the Mix.

In this tutorial, John starts with a dry, relatively underwhelming bass tone, and in just about 13 minutes, gets a pretty respectable tone that he can at least work with. And explaining a bit about his process and his go-to plugins. But the best part of the video was the reassurance that I got when I realized even the pros look exactly the same way I do when I mix: Not blinking and and not moving. It was also good to know that my technique of just sweeping through everything until I find a sound I like somewhere in the middle is also common practice.

Nail the Mix is an online mixing school run by the actual guys who produced some of the best records out there, and teach you how to do it. If you’re interested in this, find out more about them on their site here. It’s probably cheaper than going to school for it. If you want to keep up with the monumentals in Monuments, check them out on Facebook. Looks like they just started recording for their new record, so it’s a party and you’re missing it.

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