ALUSTRIUM Feed Your Tech-Death Need on “Fated to Despair” Guitar Playthrough

It’s been five years since Philadelphia-area progressive death metal act Alustrium released their 2015 opus: A Tunnel To Eden. If you haven’t checked that record, out I highly suggest it. It’s packed full of fantastic proggy DM as well as some KILLER guest appearances including Nolly, Dan Mongrain, and Rusty Cooley.


However, this isn’t about that record. This is about their new EP entitled Insurmountable which will be dropping on November 16th. In this guitar playthrough, we catch guitarist Chris Kelly burning through “Fated to Despair”, the first single from the EP on his real pretty Ernie Ball Music Man JP15 guitar, which you too could have for yourself if you visit usa casinos and do well for yourself. You could also try if you speak French. PACKED with fantastic riffs that will stay stuck in your head for days as well as some devastatingly sick lead playing there is simply no ignoring these guys. This EP is set to be one of my top ten death metal releases of the year without a doubt. Fans of Obscura, Revocation, The Faceless, BTBAM, and the like will absolutely love this shit.

Alustrium has the following to say about the new EP:

Insurmountable covers a lot of musical ground for the limited number of tracks with fast and ferocious songs like “Fated to Despair” and “Dark Waters” kicking you in the face at the onset while the longer and more progressive arrangements like “United in Enmity” and the self-titled track bring the EP to a dramatic close. While being the spiritual prequel to Alustrium’s forthcoming 2021 concept album, Insurmountable is an exploration of the ways we often ineffectively cope with our negative emotions like isolation, anxiety and anger.

Check out Alustrium on Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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