Trey Xavier and Pete Cottrell Dial in Guitar Tone by Metal Genre


Our fearless leader Trey Xavier has finally gotten together IRL with Pete Cottrell! Hooray!

In this super informative video Pete and Trey go through a cornucopia of different sounds and very carefully explain how achieve the most baller as fuck guitar tones for each respective genre. Luckily for me I was watching this video on my MacBook with tiny horrible speakers, so the black metal tones sounded extra particularly frost bitten and KVLT. I think that a nice SM57 in front of MacBook/cellphone speakers should be the new standard in black metal guitar tones, but thats just me…

Be sure to check out Trey’s Guitar Scales Method available through Udem, now 50% off!

Also be sure to follow Pete Cottrell’s YouTube channel for additional sweet content.

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