Exclusive: The Contortionist Invite You In-Studio to Study Language Arts

Is “Language Arts” taught in elementary schools anymore? You know, as a grammar study that’s separate from the English class that you read books in? And do they teach The Contortionist in schools nowadays? How are kids supposed to learn how to be progressive as fuck? Well, I guess they could pick up the band’s new record, Language, which is due to crash into orbit on September 16th. They’re releasing music from it and everything.


The Contortionist recorded this new album opus at The Basement Recording Studio in Winston-Salem, NC, with producer Jamie King. The man has been known to put out some fine Between the Buried and Me records, among other things, and all the evidence so far suggests that he’s coaxed a kickass record out of The Contortionist, but then I suppose contortionists can flex enough to kick their own asses.

Wait… so The Contortionist still promote their Myspace page? I take everything I said about the band being “progressive.” It’s almost like that term is losing its meaning…


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  • Myspace got completely changed and is now a music oriented website. It’s a place for artists to promote music first.

    • Yeah it’s actually a really neat place if you go on it. I love the web design and how they really focus on what their site has become.

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