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Portland's riff-masters slay all the posers in their new videos.

If you've got two grand, you can own a bass owned by the Between the Buried and Me/Trioscapes big-bottom man!

The Extinction Level event of a lifetime.

Enjoy last licks of some Canadian fretless bass prog-tech.

Now you can mainline the Darkest of all Glass straight into your bass.

They had a .266 gauge string, guys. You could tie down Cthulhu with a few of those.

This year they have the Ace alnico/ceramic guitar pickups and Singularity single-coil bass soapbars.

The Faith No More 4-stringer built a distortion circuit into the damn thing.

A 5 string bass - but with a HIGHER string instead of a low one?

This week the prize is a 3-pack of Heavy Core Bass Strings

New signatures from Javier Reyes and Gary Holt.

Bonus: you now have a great name for the villain in your Transformers fan-fiction.