RIGGED – SLAYER Guitarist GARY HOLT’s Guitar Tech Runs Through His Rig


Warren Lee, guitar technician for Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, recently went through Holt’s live guitar rig at Copenhell 2017 in Copenhagen. Holt has a history of using gear from TC Electronic, so you better believe the TCE team was right there to capture all the action. This quick n’ dirty rundown is fast and thorough, so you better keep your eyes peeled!

Using ESP guitars and TC Electronics pedals, Holt has amassed quite the live setup. Warren takes us through his amp heads, routing components, and a slue of different effects pedals that help give him his signature sound. And as far as his guitars go, it looks like Holt mainly uses his custom ESP models, including one painted in his own blood. Yeah, that’s right. True commitment to the art of metal right there.

For all things Slayer, peep their Facebook and personal website. They just got off a pretty gnarly US tour, but are sure to be back at it again soon.

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