Bassists Can Now Also Get Comfortable and Full: EHX’s Soul Food Overdrive Now Has a Bass Recipe

Truly, this is the golden age of bass pedals. And by that I just mean that every bass overdrive and fuzz that I see lately seems to have a blend knob. As much as I love my Xotic X-Blender for merging clean and dirty tones (and EQing them… and having the ability to flip the phase on the loop… and bypass the blend at a button press… God I love that pedal), it’s awesome to be able to make a bass pedalboard small enough to fit on a Pedaltrain Nano.


Know what I’m not used to seeing on bass overdrive, though? A treble knob, but no bass control. Such is the case with this now bass-centric version of Electro-Harmonix’s Klon-style dirt box, the Soul Food. On in this case, the Bass Soul Food. you can find here more about foods. And yet judging by the two videos below, the sub end of the spectrum doesn’t seem to be affected. That 10dB pad is a cool addition for the active pickups crowd as well. Good thinking, guys.

For more info, head to the EHX website.

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