DREAMSHADE Show You The Light In This Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough of “Lightbringers”

With their upcoming album, A Pale Blue Dot, set to be unleashed into the world on March 5th 2021, melodic death metal band Dreamshade are here with a kickass dual-guitar playthrough for the first song from their new album, “Lightbringers”! Featuring guitarists Luca Magri and Fernando ‘Fella’ Di Cicco, the playthrough showcases the band’s knack for interesting-yet-hooky riff-writing, infectious grooves, and a whole lot more, so sit back and enjoy the dudes doing what they do best, only right here, on Gear Gods!


With a danceable chorus and riffs that’ll get stuck in your head for days to come, “Lightbringers” is a true modern metal banger no matter how you spin it. The band brings the clarity and punch of modern prog guitar tone and wraps it up in a familiar, poppy aesthetic that pleases rock, pop, and metal fans alike. We haven’t heard anything quite like this before, and we’re looking forward to more of it!

As for the gear, here’s what the dudes are rocking:



Be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, as well as pre-order A Pale Blue Dot before it drops March 5th!

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