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Ruppert Musical Instruments have added this slick new DI tone station to their Basswitch series.

The NG2 gets a retro Vai-esque swirl and the D-Bird gets a Lamborghini style re-engineering.

It has the same scale length as an upright bass. Quad Damage powerup will cost extra though.

They really put some stank on it with all the features on these basses.

You can get Plini of Groove's in the "Handmade Cities"

Amos lays out the fundamentals of getting your bass to sound fat and sit nicely in the mix.

Premier Guitar's got the goods.

I sure would like to give that extended range neck a good reach around. I mean, um… cool bass.

"Obtuse" is the experimental black metal dose you need this morning!

Overload your senses with some bass!

Starting to pick up a fretless instrument? Let Kilian show you the basics!

Learn slap bass techniques from Master Kilian, ahead of the Felix Martin band's US tour with The Fine Constant!

We talk to Liam about the gear he's using on the band's final run of shows.