ADAM JARVIS – SCOUR Covers PANTERA “Strength Beyond Strength” Live at Saint Vitus Bar

So you know who’s a good band yeah? PANTERA. Check this vid of one of the guys from Pantera covering his old band with his new band.


So recently SCOUR (supergroup featuring possible white supremacist Philip Anselmo and members of Cattle Decapitation and Pig Destroyer) played Saint Vitus bar and casually bashed out the absolute classic “Strength Beyond Strength”. Like Phil says at the start of the video; the song needs no introduction and it “speaks for itself”, and to be fair to him he is right. This song is devastatingly heavy and it sounds soooo good to hear Phil use his voice for something that isn’t negative. Listening to this track makes me miss one of the greatest bands of all time – can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of an impact that band made on music? They changed my life, how about you?

Drummer Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer) completes the supergroup lineup and manages to succeed in attacking a huge task of playing and replicating Vinnie Paul’s mammoth drum parts. That man’s playing is on a different level, so kudos to Adam for having bollocks big enough to tackle it and not end up sounding like a wet lettuce leaf flapping in the wind. Some of the slow beats in the middle breakdown section although simple sound like the heaviest thing ever made, proving you don’t have to play a million miles an hour for something to be heavy as fuck.

Who knows how long Scour will be about, as with a lot of Phil’s projects they seem to just come and go, but if you get the chance to go see them play live then you definitely should because although Anselmo has his mistakes and embarrassments on the regular he is still one of the best vocalists and largest personalities in metal. Stronger than all.

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