From Flashy to Classy: The TIM HENSON of Polyphia IBANEZ THBB10 Guitar

At long last, it’s finally here: the official Gear Gods review of the Tim Henson of Polyphia‘s signature Ibanez THBB10 guitar! *Whew*, did we get it all?


You might recognize this guitar from when we traveled to Germany a few months back to perform at the Rockin’ 1000 event in Frankfurt. Many tunes were slung with this axe, and despite everything we managed to throw at it, it held up without breaking a sweat (and looked damn good while doing so). It’s a classy, sophisticated instrument with an underlying shredder’s edge, for when the metal gig is that night but your cousin’s bar mitzvah is earlier that day. Tim knows what’s up when it comes to staying equally flashy and classy, so check out the review and then head here to learn more about this absolute beauty.

Be sure to also get your hands on the demo song “The Dance of Bones” on Trey Xavier’s Bandcamp page here. If Danny Elfman wrote for Polyphia, this might be what he’d come up with.

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