HOUR OF PENANCE Bass Playthrough of ‘XXI Century Imperial Crusade’

Hour of Penance are releasing their new album Cast The First Stone at the end of this month. And to get us nice and ready, they’ve decided to blast us with some two-finger-play courtesy of their bassist Marco Mastrobuono.


You may/may not remember this (maybe controversial?) track ‘XXI Century Imperial Crusade’ from November when MetalSucks covered the lyric video. But since the vocals are absent from this playthrough the only possible contentious debate here will be the merits of finger vs pick. Though that’s a comments section fight that might be worse than politics.

Check out Marco Mastrobuono pumping through ‘XXI Century Imperial Crusade’ on his Spector Alex Webster bass below:

Signal path (in case you miss it) : Darkglass B3K > EBS Reidmar > Two Notes Torpedo VB101

I have to say. I’m normally a plectrum all-the-way guy for metal bass. Especially for modern production. But Marco really pulls a friggin’ sweet tone right here. Plenty of attack in the sound but it’s still got that “round” body from the fingers.

Speaking of pulling tones – apart from being a great bassist, Marco is also a killer producer. In fact, he’s such a gangster producer that Hour of Penance entrusted him with recording, mixing and mastering the whole new album. Their old producer Stefano Morabito is a ‘modern’ death metal production sage, so it’ll be interesting to see how the sound on this new album stacks up against their previous ones.

On top of all that, I just noticed that BrutalDave is their drummer now. Holy shit. I’m out of the loop. Consider my interest peaked.

Hour of Penance Cast The First Stone will be out on the 27th of January. You can go pre-order it here.

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  • To hell with the whinging turds who want to refer to MetalSucks & their hand-wringing cry-in over the lyrics for this song. A million & one bands heap shit upon christianity & christians & no one bats an eye, HoP calls out Islam & its frightening propensity towards extremism & people lose their shit. Islam is an ideology that people CHOOSE to follow, people are no more born muslim than people are born christian, republican or democrat. As far as I’m concerned HoP have done nothing more than point their artistic disdain at an abrahamic religion that most metal heads are too spineless to mock as they so freely mock christianity. Maybe that’s because the cowards know that no one is going to Charlie Hebdo their ass is they write yet another song mocking Jesus.

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