Post Rockers STAGHORN Show Off Their Gear and Your New Favorite Lullaby “Movements II and III”

Post-rock will always be the thing that is just too good for me. That’s not a bad thing, I love it and I think it’s all beautiful, but I’m always jealous that other people have the capability to make me cry with this goddamn music. So I was thrilled when I was listening to Illinois based band Staghorn‘s new moonlight-filled track “Movements II and III”. It really is gorgeous. And they were kind enough to tell how they captured that sound with this text-based Rig Rundown!


There is no way I’d be able to do all of that gear justice on my own, so it’s best to just take it as it is, and listen to their music.

Jared ( Guitar, Samples, Lights ) 

Human > Guitar > Tonefield FX Modded Diamond Compressor Clone > Tonefield FX Modded KLONE > TC Electronic Spark Boost > Lehle Mono Volume Pedal > AUX Jack > Korg Pitch Black mini Strobe tuner > Mills Custom Hatchet Stereo 50 watt amp > Send OUT FX Loop > Chase Bliss Tonal Recall > Strymon Timeline >Stereo>> Boss RV-500 >> Boomerang III >> Stereo RETURN FX Loop >> 2 Oversize 2×12 Mills Custom Cabs Loaded with Eminence neo Lil’ Texas speakers


Prototype two channel Mills Custom Stereo Hatchet with 2 X EL34b power section and 12AX7 pre-amp. Mono Send and Stereo Return FX loop. Clean and Overdrive channels with Boost on the Overdrive side. 


– Kevin Whittemore Guitars – Walnut and Alder body and neck-through build. P-90 in the neck and Humbucker in the bridge. DR Pure Blues 10-52 strings. 

– Vintage Peavey T-60 with custom wound pickups by instrumental pickups. Custom #10/30 Bastin Aluminum bolt on Neck. 

– Custom Leather Straps by Witching Hour Leathercraft ( Lexy, our bass player ) 


Hand Made boxes to match our heads with Himalayan Salt Lamps that are on always and 6 X 60 watt LED GU-10 bulbs that I control by foot switch. They are rigged up using guitar cables to jump from one box tot he other and then out to my on/off pedal. They are super dangerous and shock me all the time. One of these days I’ll learn how to wire up lights and use the DMX foot switch and dimmer pack I bought… Until then, This will work just fine. 

Lexy ( Bass, Rhodes Bass, Harmonium, Incense ) 


Human > Rhodes Bass / Bass / Bass >>> Red Panda Triple Mixer pedal > Dunlop Mini Volume Pedal > Aux to Korg Pitch Black Mini tuner > Dark Glass B7K Limited edition wolf pedal > Dark Glass Alpha / Omega > Mills Custom Atlas 600 watt Hybrid Bass amp > Mills Custom 4×10+1×15 bass cab Loaded with eminence NEO bass drivers. Also, secondary / Fly-rig / studio amp is the Darkglass Microtubes 900 ! 

– Late 70’s Gibson Grabber Bass with paint removed and stained Walnut, 45-105 GHS Boomers strings

– Kevin Whittemore Custom “GRIPPER” Bass, Ziricote top with Black Limba Body and Neck with African Blackwood fretboard and headstock. ( All responsibly harvested ) Custom wound Pups by Avedissian Pickups in the style of Gibson Ripper humbuckers. 

– Harmonium – Old Delhi Instruments – Bina 23b “Deluxe” Harmonium – Natural with Custom triple Piezo pickup! ( Only company in the world that makes this ) ( Urbana, IL – only 1 mile from our home ) 

– Late 70’s Fender Rhodes Bass piano – Serviced and modded with walnut cheeks and upgraded hammers by Chicago Electric Piano Company ! 

– Secret Staghorn incense to put her witchy spell on the crowd. 

– Custom Leather Straps by Witching Hour Leathercraft ( She makes them herself ;) )

Luke: ( Drums, Vibraphone ) 

70’s Ludwig Vistalite Drums

“24 bass drum 

“14 rack tom

“16 floor tom

“8 x “14 Ludwig remake of 70’s snare

“24 Zildjian Ride

“22 Zildjian ride

“20 Zildjian crash

LP percussion tambourine 

Tama hardware

Ludwig Bass drum pedal

Promark stick holder

Whew, that’s a lotta goodies! Staghorn have a new album coming out on June 21st called Wormwood III, and I’m going to bet it’s going to be lovely. You can preorder it here and find out more about the band here.

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Writer with a degree in Recording Technology. Nothing about my background gives me the credibility to relay any of this information to you. But here we are.

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