GALACTIC EMPIRE – Watch Boba Sett Drum Through “The Forest Battle” Live

I can say with some certainty that, before today, I’d never seen a Boba Fett lookalike rock a drum kit. Thanks to Galactic Empire, a void in my life I didn’t even know I had has been filled. You too can see Boba “Sett,” the Star Wars-themed band’s sticksman, put in work on this drum cam rendition of “The Forest Battle.”


Drums as they are make very little sense to me, so I can’t even begin to imagine trying to play in full nerd regalia. Really, I applaud any musicians who can play halfway technical shit decked out in non-street clothes. So, nicely done there dudes.

Also, if you’re not completely distracted by one of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunters chilling out behind a drum kit, the video lists each of the Meinl cymbals he’s working with back there. Drummers, man. Weirdos.

Don’t forget to visit Galactic Empire here to stay up with the latest and greatest coming from their camp.

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