JEFF LOOMIS Talks About His First Impressions Of The EARTHQUAKER DEVICES Plumes Overdrive Pedal

Guitar maestro Jeff Loomis is a man of taste. Tasty riffs. Tasty leads. Tasty hair. So when it comes to his choice of gear, there’s a lot that has to be considered for it to be up to snuff. And that’s why Jeff is here to demo and talk about the new EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Overdrive pedal!


In the demo, Jeff shreds some amazing leads and tight rhythm tones to kick things off using the Plume Overdrive to shape his tone. As he later describes in the video, there are 3 modes available on the Plume, 2 of which he used in the track to suit different parts. Check out more of the specifics about the pedal below!

The Plumes Small Signal Shredder control layout is as follows:

  • Level: This controls the output volume.
  • Gain: This controls the amount of drive.
  • Tone: More bass to the left, more middles in the middle and more treble to the right.

And the Clipping modes via the 3-way toggle are the following:

  • 1. Symmetrical LED clipping – More Crunch and Compression.
  • 2. No clipping – Wide-open OpAmp drive for a clean boost.
  • 3. Asymmetrical silicon diode clipping – More transparency with a loose feel.

Check out the sick video by Jeff, and then head over to the EarthQuaker Devices website to snag one for your own!

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