Trey Tries A Hot-Rodded PLEXI For The First Time! LABOGA AMPS DS100 Demo

42 Gear Street was a great time, and not just because I got to eat schnitzel and döner and give Henning a hard time. I got to try some gear that I haven’t had an opportunity to in the past, either because it’s brand new or because it’s just so rare where I live that I’ve never come across it. Also, the circumstances were ideal for laboratory conditions, with a plethora of ways to try out a given whip (make sure to check back here or subscribe to our YouTube channel for when our other videos from the event go live!).


So I decided for my last video of the week that I would try out a Laboga Diamond Sound 100 amp, a Polish-made amp that I’ve only seen in the wild on a couple rare occasions. This was easy to do since all the rooms were set up for firing up amps and trying them out, so I was able to really crank it up into a direct sound for later cab IR tweaking and also to hear it through a cab in the room.

This was my first time trying out not just a Laboga, but also a hot-rodded Plexi-style amp of any stripe. It was definitely an eye-opener, and I got some sounds out of it that I wasn’t expecting to like, but really did. As a guy who mainly likes modern high-gain amps, I highly encourage anyone to spend a little time with an amp like this one if you get the chance.

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