THE WEEKLY RIFF – Learn HYVMINE’s New Single “Coup De Grace” On Guitar (With Tabs!)


Hyvmine seem set on world domination, and their new EP Fight or Flight proves they’ve got the firepower to do it. On this episode of The Weekly Riff, guitarists Al Joseph and Alon Mei-tal show you how to play a riff from their new single “Coup De Grace”.

Lesson package (options), tabs to every song on the EP, and VIP “bundles” can be found here if you’re looking for more riffs to play today!

Al had this to say about the tab and VIP packages:

“These packages are specifically designed to take you inside the mind of HYVMINE. You’ll get full video demonstrations, tablature for each track on the new EP, the EP and its backing tracks, so that you can play along with the band. Let this enhance your experience as a member of the #HYVLife today. Welcome to the family!”

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  • What kind of toaster did they use for their guitar tone? I really like how it sounds like trash!

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