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Two roads forked in a metal woods: one had sweet pitch effects and one didn't.

Just in time for you to backpack across Europe. Or Staten Island.

In other news, I think Nolly's basses are sentient killing machines, sent back from the future to kill Sarah Conner.

If I can't fit a head on a large hamburger bun then I don't want to play through it.

The company's new RBX padded gig bags hold 2 solidbody bass guitars securely. I was going to make a 2

And talks about his first (sort of) nice bass that he ever owned, in the process.

An overdrive, improved by removing the overdrive. Curious?

There's something to be said for making things look easy. Especially when nothing going on in this video is even

Line6 have a Sonic port for the PC and Mobile? Cool, I haven't collected any gold rings at high speed

You don't get that confident swagger in your stance by rocking alongside a bunch of chumps.

I love it when a good plan comes together.