Steve DiGiorgio is Still The Sickest Bass Player

One of my personal bass players in heavy metal is Steve DiGiorgio. He’s like metal’s version of session-era Jimmy Page, having played in literally every cool band ever: Death, Autopsy, Obituary, Testament, etc, in addition to his endless stream of studio work. He also founded one of the great unsung proggy thrash bands, Sadus.


Steve is busy as ever, in a new project Mythodea. The name is weird, but wait til you see how weird it is see Steve playing this kind of music, which although labelled “Symphonic Progressive Metal” on their Facebook page, sounds like if you dropped out the guitars, it could be on the soundtrack for Christopher Nolan’s movies (I hear Hans Zimmer in Steve’s bass lines – in particular the scores for Interstellar and The Dark Knight).

Check out some footage of Steve playing through the track at JingleTown Studios (yep – the one owned by Green Day) for the track “Calling” below:

Mythodea’s self-titled debut album is out now, and you can nab a copy here.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.