Gear Gods’ Resident Accountant from KEN mode Rips on Drums, Too!

If you haven’t checked out Shane Matthewson of KEN mode’s inaugural column in our new series, “The Business of Metal,” what the heck is wrong with you? The guy is a real life accountant who also happens to play in a sick band and he’s offering you advice, free of charge, on how to manage your band as a small business! Get on that.


Matthewson also rules at drums, which you can learn for yourself from the following playthrough of “Management Control,” taken from the band’s performance last month at Saint Vitus Bar in New York, courtesy our pal Frank Huang and Sick Drummer Magazine.

KEN mode’s phenomenal new Steve Albini-recorded album Success is out now. Nab your copy.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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