Reunion Blues Want to Help You Get to 2nd Bass

Transporting multiple guitars is, scientifically speaking, balls. Especially if you have to carry them and walk any particular distance. Or if you have to board a plane. Or if your guitars are basses.


While the recommended method of the pros is to tape multiple hard cases together and check your sticky frankencase as one bag, sometimes you don’t want to deal with airport check-in. It is within airline policy to carry your guitars onto an airplane after all, assuming there’s room (tip: get to the gate early). But maybe your fly-in gig has an amp waiting, or your Axe-Fx (or tiny pedalboard with a DI) is in your other carry on bag, and you just want to get on and off the plane in a hurry, yet you do need to transport a pair of basses so a normal bag won’t cut it. Or replace “airplane” with “taxi” and the dilemma is essentially the same.

Reunion Blues have released the RBX series of very, very padded double bass cases. No, not that double bass. Two electric bass guitars. If you’re not familiar with the company, Reunion Blues like to show off the durability of these “soft” cases by dropping them off of buildings and shit. Here’s the future tech mumbo jumbo that they build into their wunderbags.

  • Fits 2 solid-body bass guitars
  • Water resistant Quilted Chevron exterior
  • RBX Protection System featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround, strategically placed impact panels, multilayer foam neck cradle and end-pin rest
  • Interior padded wall between instruments
  • Zero-G handle
  • Padded backpack straps with integrated subway grip
  • Large low-profile front pocket with cable loop and organizer
  • Padded Blue Luster lining
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

All of this science doesn’t come cheap. A Reunion Blues RBX gig bag will run you $219.99. To learn more, head to the company’s website.

Source: No Treble

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