Bryan Beller Is “Living The Dream,” Since He Plays in The Aristocrats with Marco Minnemann and Guthrie Govan

The thing about session player extraordinaires is that you probably know the names, but maybe we each know them from different projects.  Is Aristocrats drummer Marco Minneman the drummer from the Necrophagist tour you may have seen? Or maybe you know him from the well-publicized Dream Theater auditions? Or his Extreme drumming DVDs? Or perhaps you know Marco as the drummer from The Aristocrats. By the same token, you may also know bassist Bryan Beller from his performances with The Aristocrats, or his work with James LeBrie, Steve Vai, or Dethklok. Me, I just like to think of them as guys who have played with Ephel Duath.


Well regardless, by virtue of clicking on the link to this article (or maybe you were de-rezzed and are trapped inside of a computer and stumbled upon the Gear Gods servers), you’re now up to date on Bryan Beller’s performance of one particular Aristocrats tune, “Living the Dream.” Me, I would have replaced the “g” with a breezy apostrophe, but I guess if you’re an Aristocrat you can afford all the ‘Gs you want, baby.


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