Line6 Combines a Mobile Guitar DI with a Stereo Room Mic in the Sonic Port VX

I’m always hesitant to say “this is a cool, new idea” in regards to some gear announcement because the internet is a vast and cruel place, and someone is bound to point out how something similar exists and what kind of asshole could run a site called Gear Gods and not be aware of X product. But here we go…


“This is a cool, new idea.”

Line6 just introduced the Sonic Port VX. At first I thought it was just the company’s answer to the Apogee Jam or iRig. You know the deal: you plug in your guitar or bass and the device converts your signal for use with the amp sim app of your choosing. Then I noticed the stereo aux input and thought it was a good addition: sure, you can play along with music that’s already on your phone or PC but having the option to line in an external source is a useful bonus.

But then I noticed that the Sonic Port VX also has built in stereo and mono condenser mics that let the unit double as a tool to record your band’s rehearsal or whatnot, and I tried to give the Line6 website a high five (note: websites are not people and don’t have hands so they usually leave you hanging). I love this idea. The whole point of smart phones it to turn lots of devices into one device. So Line6 just smashed your portable stereo mic and your mobile DI into one unit as well. Good job, guys.

Here’s the specs. The unit has a street price of $199.

  • 2-in/2-out audio interface with 24-bit/48kHz audio quality
  • Built-in stereo and mono condenser mics with professional preamps (45dB of gain)
  • 1/4″ high-quality buffered guitar/bass input with 120dB of dynamic range
  • 1/8″ stereo line input for recording keys, drum machines, DJ mixers and more
  • 1/4″ pro-level, balanced stereo outputs for connecting to studio monitors
  • 1/8″ stereo headphone output
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Compatible with iOS, Mac and PC
  • Seamless operation with GarageBand and other CoreAudio music apps
  • Compatible with Line 6 Mobile POD app for jamming and creating guitar tones
  • Bus-powered design with ultra-low power draw; optional USB power supply powers Sonic Port™ VX and iOS device
  • Includes tabletop stand with mic stand adapter
  • 1/4″ thread for connecting to any camera tripod


Source: No Treble

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