This Boss FS-7 Dual Footswitch Is So Crazy It Just Might Work…

My favorite puzzle game lately can’t be played on any video game systems, and can be done at parties although I really wouldn’t recommend it: it’s trying to build the most powerful and versatile pedalboard with the smallest possible footprint.


And dual-button footswitches can be overly large, and sometimes missing essential features like lights. For example my buddy owns a Mesa/Boogie Royal Atlantic, which is an otherwise brilliant amp but it only shows if your distortion channel is set to low or high gain when you’re on that channel, leading to some guesswork if he’s on clean and needs to jump back. Well this new Boss FS-7 has lights for both buttons, and more importantly positions them in such away that it allows you to easily step on both at once. That’s a great feature for any 2.5 channel amp.

My only concern is that A channel’s button is the upper one, and as far as I can tell there’s no option to swap A for B if you’re using a single stereo cable for both switches (see the photo below). There is a little toggle on the side that I can’t read but it may be a polarity switch. But it’s not a problem that the separate A/B outputs and a crafty use of adapters wouldn’t solve.

What do you folks think? I may want to test drive one of these on my board.


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  • Chris, thanks for your thoughts on the Boss FS-7. It never occurred to me to step on both switches at the same time, but I can see how that could be very useful in live performance.

    There is indeed a polarity switch on the side, which I presume lets you swap the roles of footswitches A and B. Roland doesn’t come right out and say so, but it’s the only application that makes any sense.

    I’m planning to get the FS-7 to use with the Boss RC-3 looper. I’m building my first pedal board, and like you, I want maximum versatility in minimum space. When I can confirm what the polarity switch does, I’ll report back.

    Rock on,


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