How to Get A CRUSHING Bass Tone!


Getting a killer bass tone is the foundation of your sound, but it’s also one of the hardest things to dial in correctly. In this video, I show you how I go about dialing in a savage bass tone for very heavy music. You certainly don’t have to do it how I do, but I lay out the principles and parameters so you can make decisions along the way for yourself.

It’s like making cookies – the recipe calls for flour, water, sugar, vanilla, etc. – YOU have to decide if you want nuts in it, chocolate chips, raisins, peanut butter, if you want them to be crispy or soft, sweeter or more savory, how much of everything. I can’t tell you what your tastes are, only what will happen if you turn one knob one way or the other. Happy baking!

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  • I was pleasantly surprised to hear you say that the best heavy bass tones have distorted highs and clean compressed lows. (I have never heard a full spectrum distorted bass tone that sounds like anything except mud.) However, the easiest way to get this tone is to use the new Tech 21 DP-3X pedal. I’ve got one and a better tone than the one here is available in the time it takes to plug it in and turn the knobs to dUg Pinnick’s personal settings as shown in the manual. I’m getting even more out of it by running a SansAmp Programmable Bass preamp in front of it.

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