Electro-Harmonics Want to Fork You Up: Introducing the Pitch Fork

Electro-Harmonix just don’t stop, do they? I swear those mad scientists come up with new pedal designs more often than Trey changes my underwear. Yet somehow they’re never just something boring like “another slight EQ variation on a Tube Screamer” (a pedal design so tiring that Pro Tone named theirs the Dead Horse).


This month sees the release of the Pitch Fork. It’s kind of a micro-Micro Pog with an extra third octave up and down, plus harmomy functionality, and a momentary option. Why have I never seen a momentary pitch pedal before? Think of the possibilities: you could play the riff to Pantera’s “Becoming.” And other, lesser, non Pantera-based applications probably exist as well.  But in all seriousness now: the ability to just throw on a pitch or harmonizer effect for a single quarter note or whatnot is infinitely useful, and several musicians that I know are already itching to pick one of these pedals up.

For more info head to the Electro-Harmonix website.

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