PRS Limited Edition Dustie Waring Signature Guitar

These days it seems like guitarists change their allegiance as much as Chris changes his underwear, and he swears he changes them at least once a month. Just last week it was announced that Javier Reyes of Animals as Leaders had joined the ESP roster after being with Carvin since just March, and Mark Holcomb recently jumped over to PRS after being with Ernie Ball for maybe 2 years. As an artist, you should definitely go where you feel the most comfortable, supported, best fit, whatever, but man, it must be a lot harder to negotiate than I think it is because people jump ship like it’s nothing.


Dustie Waring, on the other hand, has played PRS for 6 years, since they toured with Dream Theater and Opeth in 2008. And look at what brand loyalty gets you: apparently, your own signature axe. It was announced today that Dustie would have a limited run signature axe from PRS.

The BTBAM/Glass Casket guitarist uses his trem bar a lot and loves purple, so naturally when it came time to put his name on a guitar, it had to have a Floyd Rose and be some kind of purple. The color is called (descriptively) “Waring Burst” and it’s more magenta than purple, almost reminiscent of the Vampire Kiss color from Ibanez, but with a dark burst. It also comes equipped with his signature DiMarzio pickups (didn’t know he had those too!), black hardware, and a satin finish.

If this gets your goat and you just goatta have it, you’ve goat to jump on it fast, because they’re only taking orders for it between now and December 15th.

More info on the PRS website here and in the video below.


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