TC Electronic Revamp their Most Portable of Bass Amps with the BH550 and BH800

There’s been an explosion in the small, portable, yet surprisingly powerful class D bass amplifier market in recent years. Along with Aguilar and Warwick, TC Electronic has been leading the charge of this trend. Until recently the company’s two main entries in the category were the ultra-tiny but lower wattage and less feature rich BH250, and the TC’s flagship ultra-portable head, the RH750 (they also have a couple variations on this latter amp).


Well now TC Electronic is adding two more small package/big sound amps to their lineup, and they look to sit squarely in the middle of the feature (and one assumes, price) range of those two amps. Enter the BH550 and and BH800. The new features boil down to more wattage obviously (I bet you can’t guess the wattage rating of these two models just by the names), a gain control, the splitting of the mid EQ into “Lo” and “Hi” bands, and two footswitchable “TonePrints” that you can select and load into the head.

The BH550 and BH800 are both shipping now, and should retail for $499 and $599 respectively.

Source: No Treble

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  • I have a TC electronic cab it sounds killer I can get a great punchy mid tone.

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