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Live playthrough videos are the best playthrough videos.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a "rig rundown" pun based off of

Well, well, well, you just can't tell. Well, well, well Mark Michell.

Straight from God City. If you want to up your recording game with lessons from one of loud music's most

Someone tell them to light the rest of the torches in the room to trigger the exit.

For fans of tube bass amps and exceptional volume.

I'll always remember Warwick from a sales rep who demonstrated the neck stability by resting the bass' headstock on one

The multi-instrumentalist talks about his role as bassist and mixing/mastering Gorguts' Colored Sands

I really, really wish these were in English. Or that I spoke German. Or that I could conjure a robotic

The tiny geodesic dome would have blown the hell up.

This four-part, roughly 60-minute documentary is immensely fascinating, whether you're a fan or not.

It's like the ValHalla for the half-dead corpses of vintage gear.

Highlights include: our interviews with Jason Suecof, Andy Sneap and Dirk Verbeuren, eight new product for metal recording enthusiasts, product

This is the one of the odder rig rundowns I've seen. Stephen Carpenter talks a decent amount of mess on