Zach Sacco of CHRONOLOGIST Debuts “FLORES” Drum Playthrough

Gene Freeman, more commonly known as “Machine”, is a record producer who has almost certainly worked on a record or two that you’ve heard of. With a career spanning nearly three decades, he has worked with such bands as Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, King Crimson, and Clutch to name just a few. Now based out of Austin, TX he has been doing high-quality studio playthroughs for bands like The Contortionist, To Whom It May, and now Chronologist. Being that we are currently living through the COVID-19 pandemic I hope that we can expect more videos like these.


Anyway, Chronologist is an instrumental trio based out of Austin, TX who CERTAINLY know their way around a bit of prog. Having all met at Berklee College of Music I would hope as much! Drummer Zach Sacco grooves, chops, blasts, and shreds through this fantastically mixed and shot play through of their tune “Flores” from their 2019 EP entitled Solstice I.

Instrumental prog is a dangerous game and it is VERY easy for bands to start sounding the same, but Chronologist clearly have it figured out. Instead of aimlessly wandering through a sea of notes and disorienting signature changes Chronologist keep things catchy, refreshing, and melodic on this tune. For fans of Scale the Summit, The Contortionist, Intervals, and late-era Cynic.

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