CHRONOLOGIST: Find Your Inner Peace With This Full Band Playthrough Of “MANDALA”

On the heels of freshly releasing their newest EP Solstice I, Austin, TX-based progressive metal band Chronologist have just put out this full band playthrough for the song “Mandala”! The track features the dudes playing some of their best work yet, as they rock out at the majestic Machine Shop Studio in Austin. It’s a tasty and melodic hit, with some of the band’s catchiest moments to date. Check it!


Solstice I is the second of four EPs that Chronologist is releasing as part of their Solstice & Equinox Project. Each EP will be released on each Solstice and Equinox day throughout 2019.”

You can get the new EP on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp, and don’t forget to give the dudes a follow on Facebook and Instagram for future tuneage.

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