Australia Week-ly Riff – HOLLOW WORLD Breaks The “Silence”

A few days back we introduced you to Hollow World by way of a Rigged feature detailing their guitar and bass rigs.. I bet you were wondering what those rigs sounded like – nay, what the band themselves sounded like. I bet you went and listened to their music, and then you wondered how to play what you heard? How are they making that sound?


If I win that bet, then you win too, because I managed to convince them to do a lesson for a riff from their song “Silence”, which is a lot louder than it sounds.

This is a rare occurrence, to have three members of the band each teach their part to a riff, but this riff was perfect for that, because it’s relatively simple, but each member is doing something different, and the parts work together so nicely. It’s fun for the whole family!

Here’s the whole track:

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