STEVE ALBINI Teaches You His Analog Tape Recording Methods in New “Mix with the Masters” Series


I feel a pretty heavy obligation to the bands that I work for to make a recording that can survive potentially long enough for them to find an audience and to find their cultural significance.

And what better medium to capture said bands on than analog tape? It’s practically a lost art in the digital world where literally anyone can produce radio-ready recordings in their chonies. Revered by millions and hated by one recording school instructor I had, Steve Albini is keeping it real as fuck. And I think his body of engineering work speaks for itself.

In a recent video he did for Mix with the Masters, you can watch him track “Old Master” by Rat the Magnificent. It’s a 3-hour, 9-part video series shot at Studio La Fabrique in France, where you can learn all about tape calibration and analog workflow. While all this seems wildly impractical for the average audio hobbyist, I’d probably watch all 3 hours just to catch a vibe from Studio La Fabrique. Shit looks crazy-cool.

Check it out if that’s your thing.

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