And Now, Death Grips in a Recording Studio Echo Chamber Listening to a New Song

Not much more to say here… new Death Grips. “On GP” off of the ever-delayed, long-hyped part 2 of The Powers that B, aka Jenny Death. And they’re listening to it in an echo chamber. The echo chamber is in Sunset Sound Recorders in Los Angeles.


Jenny Death comes out… when?

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  • Gear Gods, why are you making a post about Death Grips.
    I love Death Grips but this just isn’t your content.

    And Jenny Death comes out March 17th, literally one of the first results when you google Death Grips, jesus christ how did you miss that one.

    • Lol

    • Death Grips has become the band that snooty metal fans can cite to by default when fans of mainstream hip hop deride metal music.

      e.g., “Well, metal isn’t ALL I listen to. Death Grips is pretty sick. Oh, you’ve never heard of them?? They’re ‘experimental’ hip hop, so as you can see, even my taste in hip hop is more advanced than yours.”

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