Megadeth Promote Metal Masters 5 in this Zelda Dungeon

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Chris Broderick took a break from battling Dodongos and Like Likes to promote Metal Masters 5 from this gloomy dungeon. I didn’t really pick up on what they said, because the whole time I was expecting a giant skeletal hand to slide up and drag them away, but it probably mentions how this is a clinic and concert full of metal’s most legendary musicians.


If you’re in Anaheim, CA for NAMM and want to attend Metal Masters 5 in person you can pick up tickets here. But if you’re hideously ugly and would rather enjoy the rock from the non-judgemental confinement of your drab abode, then why not just watch it on Gear Gods? We’ll be livestreaming the entire event as it happens, on January 22nd.

Keep your eyes taped open for a forthcoming interview with David Ellefson. I’ll be talking to him today, which I’m pretty stoked about, and it should be online soon afterwards.

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