AMPLIFIED PARTS Compares Three Popular Spring Reverb Units

Now, this is real sweet! Maybe next somebody could finally explain the difference between a phaser and a flanger to me…


Popular gear reviewing YouTubers Amplified Parts have decided to make a comparison video between the popular MOD® 4AB3C1BBelton 4AB3C1B, and Accutronics 4AB3C1B spring reverb units.  In the video, you can clearly hear that just like compressors or preamps, no two spring reverb units sound exactly the same. My personal favorite was the Accutronics unit, which has that super deep and lush post-rock-type echo on it, but see for yourself which one you dig the most!

These units would be something that you could swap out with your current reverb tank for a relatively low price point. The most expensive unit in this video doesn’t even cross the $30 threshold.

For a full listing of the reverb tanks that Amplified Parts has for sale, including MOD®, Belton, and Accutronics® tanks, visit:

Looking to add some spring reverb to your sound? Try “The Wave” – a DIY tube-driven spring reverb unit from MOD® Kits:

If you’re wondering what “4AB3C1B” means, visit their tech corner article on Accutronics’ reverb tank specifications. This will give you a run-down of the different types of reverb tanks and explain what each digit/letter in a model name like 4AB3C1B means:

For a more in-depth on spring reverb tanks, including how their reverb effect is achieved and their surrounding circuitry in popular amplifiers, see our tech corner article “Spring Reverb Tanks Explained and Compared”:

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