Nine Inch Nails Documented their Comically Elaborate Concert Stage Production

I imagine that 15-year old me, or more accurately friends of 15 year old me, would have rushed to Sam Goody to pay $20 for an hour-long Nine Inch Nails stage production documentary. So thank the black-dyed goth gods for the internet age, where the documentaries are free and the resolution is… well okay this is YouTube so even “1080p” looks like a VHS tape from the 90s.


Honestly, my fandom of NIN lasted for about 3 months around when Broken was released, yet I still thought this behind-the-scenes footage was all kinds of awesome. The band has some seriously elaborate shit going on here. What the hell is going on with the video displays? There’s some kind of real-time special effect utilizing XBox’s 3-D Kinect camera, displayed on screens positioned on moving risers that lasers bounce off of and…. just watch it.

Part I

Part II

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  • Broken = best NIN release :)

    • Although the only thing from them that I could see listening to now is “The Great Below” off of The Fragile.

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