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Ever wondered how audio engineers run live sound at a huge metal festival? Get in here!

If your band has a few amp modelers and you're looking to get some jam time together on the road,

Did you know that the PR30 is not just an awesome snare mic but also apparently great as an overhead?

I'm partial to the T-Rex, so I have to fault this video for starting with the show-stopper.

Now SkyNet can transmit their orders directly into your ears.

Part one, mixing a hot set off a scorching soundboard.

Not to be confused with the front-of-house mix team. What, you think Metallica is going to slum it by not

This passive utility box is packed-to-bursting with clever features.

This four-part, roughly 60-minute documentary is immensely fascinating, whether you're a fan or not.

We ask one question to several bands to get their feedback.