LAUTEN AUDIO Ships New “LS-208” Microphone For Broadcast, Live Sound, And Studio Recording

Lauten Audio has just announced the release of their new LS-208 microphone, which is aimed at the needs of live recording for voice in broadcast, live sound, and the studio! The microphone is the first in the company’s new “Synergy Series” line and is a front-address, high dynamic range, large diaphragm condenser microphone designed for recording voice in podcasting, radio, and broadcast, and live instruments on stage for touring productions, as well as many studio recording environments.


The LS-208 has a street price of $599.00 USD and is available now from dealers in the US and Canada through its distributor Audio Plus Services. Lauten Audio founder Brian Loudenslager had this to say:

“Unlike any large diaphragm condenser microphones on the market today, the LS-208 offers radio broadcasters, voiceover talent, podcasters, and sound reinforcement engineers, studio-quality sound combined with exceptional noise rejection and dynamic-range capabilities for excellent results in any live environment”.

With the LS-208’s powerful off-axis rejection and internally shock mounted condenser element, it is also particularly well suited for recording voices and instruments in highly dynamic environments such as live on-stage, or in a studio live-room when many instruments are being recorded at once. The LS-208 can handle sound pressure levels of 135dB without the need for internal or external pre-attenuation. This unique feature also allows for ultra-wide dynamic range. Highly unique for microphones of this type is the LS-208’s ability to capture the full human audio perception of 120dB of dynamic range. Many microphones are limited to 85dB of dynamic range after compensating for self-noise. The high-dynamic range gives engineers the ability to capture brilliant recordings of highly dynamic instruments in many environments and is especially useful for capturing horns, percussion, and guitar amps. The new mic features independent, multi-stage, high and low-cut filters to help engineers balance recordings at the microphone and aid in successfully capturing a performance while reducing the need for mixing.

he 2-stage low-cut (50 and 120Hz) filters reduce low-end rumble and proximity effect in voice applications. The 2-stage high-cut (8 & 10kHz) filters help tame bright instruments and high frequencies. The LS-208 features internally shock mounted condenser elements to help reduce mechanical shock and vibrations. The mic requires 48V phantom power, uses a Cardioid polar pattern, and features a JFET transistor circuit with a transformer-based balanced output. The Lauten Audio LS-208 microphone comes equipped with a detachable spider shock mount, as well as a hard mount, both with adjustable elbows, and a foam windscreen. The microphone and all its accessories fit into the included hard case, perfect for touring. For more information on the Lauten Audio LS-208 microphone, visit their website.

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