NAMM 2015 – Jam Hub Is a “Mix Everything” Solution for the DI-Inclined

No, that’s not a model of the Millennium Falcon, or half of a very, very old pizza. It’s the JamHub, essentially a compact mixer and headphone amp solution ideal for bands with several line-level instrument sources, like for example half of the proggy/techy/djenty bands in the scene since the Axe-FX and Kemper took off in popularity.


Now the JamHub isn’t exactly a new product in and of itself. There are new models, but the name and basic functionality have existed as a product for a while now. But I thought it was neat to take a look at one up close when I was at NAMM and wonder if a JamHub, in the center of the room, might be the ideal way for some guitarists/bassists/keyboard players to get some jamming/writing/rehearsing in on tour, in situations where noise would otherwise prohibit such activities.

I have fond memories of being on tour in 2006 when the bassist in my band and I had our brand new big-ass kidney Pod 2.0 units, and I had to MacGuyver them together so that we could work on riffs in a coffee shop. So I just wanted to throw this out to the community: do you have a great headphone jamming solution for situations like tour green rooms and other spots where you’re killing time? What’s your preferred method. Because out of what I’ve seen the JamHub seems to fill that role nicely, and the recording benefits are a nice bonus.

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