Did You Miss This Is Hardcore 2014? Fret Not, for There Are Full Live Sets

Sorry to all the bands who are releasing live DVDs these days, but hate5six has basically ethered you. This one-man-operation professionally shoots live shows, gets mixes and masters from talented post-production engineers, and publishes the results for free viewing within a few weeks of the show. None of this taken from our 2011 co-headlining tour with Black Dahlia crap – these sets are so fresh that they’re still dripping with sweat and blood of dudes in band shirts and black basketball jerseys. The audience members in these videos probably still have black and blues from their stage dives.


In tandem with the This is Hardcore team, hate5six is releasing every single set (over 60 bands!) from this years’ festival. Several are already online, with some of our favorites from Noisem, Code Orange, and  Twitching Tongues streaming below.

Noisem – Mixed and Mastered by Len Carmichael

Code Orange – Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios, Mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege (take a look at Gear Gods’ interview with Brad here). Not incidentally, their new record is now streaming via Consequence of Sound and it is one of the scariest albums I’ve heard in years.

Twitching Tongues – Mixed by Taylor Young, Mastered by Brad Boatright

I wouldn’t be surprised if more record labels and bands began to follow this trend – its certainly cheaper than hiring a big film crew, getting professional lighting and sound rigs, and worrying about overdubbing parts that were played sloppily, but when you get talented engineers like Brad Boatright involved, you can still have a high-quality recording of the sets.

Source: This is Hardcore

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