Shred Skin Mask: Watch this Triple Rig Rundown with Slayer

We get a rare triple rig rundown, courtesy of Premier Guitar, with Slayer’s Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Gary Holt. As expected, Holt and King’s portions are the more interesting, as Tom Araya has a rig about as meat and potatoes as you can get: bass, tuner, compressor, amp (an older, now-discontinued all-tube VBA400).


I had no idea that Kerry King was a diehard Kahler tremolo user. Floyd Rose has become the Q-Tip or Xerox of the industry, amongst bridges that you can dive bomb on in the metal scene, that it’s always refreshing when people branch out.

Anyway, there’s plenty more info within, and you can view it below.

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  • Guitar Painted Blood?

    And whats with the saddle placement on Kerry’s bridge? the intonation would be terrible.

  • Nice shot of the setlist of Kerry’s board there

  • The wrong kid died!

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