International Playthrough of the Week: India’s Fragarak

I don’t know if this will definitely be a feature, but maybe. Why not? I’m always interested to see what’s going on in the scene of places that aren’t North America and Western Europe, and it’s also a curiosity to see which brands of gear have worldwide market share and which ones disappear outside of our borders. For example, why do cymbals seem to be the most region-specific. You barely see Meinl cymbals in the states, and yet Paiste, a Swiss company, seems to be more popular over here. Weird.


Anyway, what can we posit from a playthrough by Fragarak, from India? Schecter seems to be global. Makes sense. For metal I think their Diamond series is the best bang for the buck in the mid-tier price range. The rest of the gear is tough to make out (maybe a Spector bass?), but I hope those straight crash stands are just this dude being a weirdo and not a cultural thing out there. Get some boom stands buddy before you dislocate your arms.

Cool song too. Kind of a techy ’90s metal with a hint of Gorguts.

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  • When I first read the heading of the article I thought it was Indian the band for a split second doing a play through… that would really awesome if a super slow band did a play through.

  • Looks like an Ibanez bass. Looks like an SR bridge and neck pocket.

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