Scale the Summit’s Mark Michell Gives Us “Atlus Novus”

Bassists, everywhere just shrugged in defeat today as Scale the Summit‘s Mark Michell released a playthrough video for “Atlus Novus,” off of their latest album The Migration.


Now, they didn’t give up because they can’t play the song. Well, maybe some did. I know I couldn’t, at least with my fingers. I probably couldn’t even play it with his fingers sewn on. But that’s not it…

They gave up because they lost. They lost to Mark Michell’s own bandmate, Chris Letchford. While Michell is nice and comfortable in a sound-proof studio with what I’m sure is a lovely temperature control system, Letchord is doing his playthrough videos from the top of a fucking mountain.

Seriously dude, you need to step up your game. Do this shit from the back of a bucking Rhino or while giving a handjob with your feet or something, I don’t know. Here’s some concept art I made for you. You track your next video while being sucked into a black hole. Do it.


Weird how getting sucked into a black hole just makes it look like you’re playing nu-metal…

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