Scale the Summit’s Chris Letchford’s “Narrow Salient” is the Most Scenic of All Playthroughs

Everyone else making playthrough videos, you’re doing it wrong. Scale the Summit‘s Chris Letchford takes this shit seriously. Only the most majestic vistas are good enough. Plus there’s the literal appeal, because hey, you’ve got scales, and you’ve got summits.


The song of choice here is “Narrow Salient” off of StS’s newish album The Migration. It seems like the audio is a straight album mix, which is always a bit of a bummer on a playthrough. I like to actually hear the performance from the video (or at least be fooled into thinking I’m hearing it by a different mix), like this one of bassist Mark Michell playing the same tune.

By the way, that’s Letchford’s signature Strandberg Boden CL7 that he’s playing on. It’s a mahogany body with a flame maple top, and EMG active 57/66 pickups in the bridge and neck. The scale is an inch longer for the low strings than the high ones. At the Stradberg page linked above there’s a video, filmed at the EMG studio, that explains the bizarre looking axe pretty thoroughly, including that alien bridge and headstock. I’ll include it below, because I value your time, good sir or madam.

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  • He quite literally scaled a summit to make this playthrough.

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