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Featuring not just the Dååth guitarist but also members of Nails and Monuments.

Some musings on why guitar rigs get all the love in these types of features.

Some really solid high-speed fingerwork in this bass playthrough video.

That odd shape with the hyper cutaway allows it to be played with fingers or a bow.

The Mr. Big and Winery Dogs virtuoso has some extended jams with the man responsible for Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake's

DB Instrument Amp's 4E dual-axis up/down left/right expression pedal is pretty bonkers.

What's lacking in technical details is made up for in enthusiasm and evil staffs.

I look forward to their upcoming thriller in which they communicate with The Dead to solve the mystery of who

When they see one of these strapped to the back of your Harley no one will mess with you. They'll

He's popping up all over the internet lately. He's a pair of videos including a new episode of Metalhead to

That headline doesn't make a lick of sense, does it?

We took a look at the most drastically redesigned bass that Fender has released in decades.