The Weekly Riff – All Hell, “The Unseen” Guitar Lesson and Song Premiere

When I interviewed Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust about his recent audio engineering projects a few weeks back, the very first words out of his mouth were “you gotta check out this band All Hell, whose new record I mixed and mastered” Which I did, and holy hell, they rip.


Their upcoming album The Red Sect is sure to be on the shortlist for the best underground metal of the year. All Hell sit somewhere in the realm of bands like Midnight, Toxic Holocaust, and Witchaven, but have a different, darker edge. They’re one of those great modern bands who have familiar elements in their tunes, but the songwriting and execution is in a class of its own. Sharp, to the point, and finely honed.

So we’re excited to team up with the band to premiere a new track, “The Unseen,” along with an exclusive riff lesson from guitarist Jacob Curwen. Check em both out below, and pre-order The Red Sect via HPGD productions.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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  • To paraphrase a wise-man I once overheard in an alleyway behind a bar one time, “(He’s) got Darkthrone riffs.”

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