Exclusive Premier/Playthrough: “Desecrated Souls” by Hour of Penance

I like to premier a new song on Wednesday or Thursday. It’s been a long week for you and I can see those circles forming under your eyes. Coffee ain’t doing it for you anymore. So it’s time to kick things back into high gear in the best possible way, with some ass kicking metal.


So with that said, Gear Gods is proud as all hell to be premiering “Desecrated Souls,” the new track from Hour of Penance. It’s from their forthcoming album Regicide, which hits U.S. shores on May 13th. If you’re in most of Europe you can get it a day earlier, but Germans have to wring their hands in anticipation until the 16th. You can preorder the album here.


Check out the video for the new song below, which is presented to you in playthrough format, for extra badassery.

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