Fodera’s Victor Wooten Bow Bass Doesn’t Give Two Licks About Traditionalism

Remember a few days ago when I covered those new Carvin Vanquish basses, and pointed out that, contrary to how the company claimed that they were “radical departure from traditional bass guitars,” there wasn’t much that was actually that was that out of the ordinary besides a somewhat unique body shape? It’s hard to really shake things up. Besides the fact that musicians tend to be conservative by and large, idolizing the instruments of their influences, the main issue is that most common design ideas have been honed logically over the years by making subtle improvements and solving problems. A humbucker bucks the hum. Balanced cables… well, they buck the hum too. A cutaway gives you better fret access. Etc.


But Fodera, well I have to give it to them. This is one weird ass bass. It’s a Victor Wooten signature model, the Bow Bass. Wooten isn’t a metal guy, but if you’re not familiar with him a crucial point is that besides his killer fingerstyle/slapping/tapping chops he’s also known for bowing the hell out of his bass. But it’s hard to get that bow to the uppermost frets, hence that really extreme cutaway action.

The bass isn’t on the market yet, but the company hopes to put it into production shortly. Here’s the specs:

  • Construction:    Neck-Through Fretless
  • Scale:    34″
  • Strings:    5
  • Body:    Bow Bass Custom Shape
  • Body Wood:    Alder Body, Alder Tone Block
  • Top:    Box Elder Burl
  • Fingerboard:    Ebony
  • Neck:    3-pc. Hard Rock Maple
  • Inlays:    Blank Inlays (Side Dots Only)
  • Electronics:    Fodera / Pope Custom 3-Band Preamp with Monarch Control Layout
  • Pickup:    Norstrand P Pickup

Source: No Treble

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  • I always though Wooten was more of a 4 string guy.

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